Engineering & Automation

Stay ahead of time with the right knowledge and experience.

During the planning of a new industrial solution, we analyse current layout and keep in mind the optimal layout, including new lines and machinery, as well we offer the opportunity to make intelligent decisions from real-time data. All of this lead to improved productivity, increased safety and lower costs.

How can we help you?

The development of a new solutions is not only based on good ideas and specialised competencies, but also on the ability and experience to execute valuable and productive projects.

With a broad industry knowledge and highly specialised engineers, you gain access to an extensive capacity for development, engineering, and innovation. Our engineers cover the range from mechanical design and product development to automation and electrical design, which ensures the right competencies and the proper knowledge to accelerate your development process.

  • Identification of the best production optimisation methods for you
  • Advanced software and hardware
  • Reliable flow measurement solutions
  • Operational optimisation
  • Improvement in monitoring
  • Automation