IoT technology enables enterprises to realize efficiencies & capture new revenue from new services

We are offering different solutions and integration with innovative IoT and Big Data solution.

You can pick out information from your data which are vital for optimizing systems and lowering costs.

Our goal is to provide the market with systems, services and products which enable better optimization and modernization of processes and lower costs. We accept challenges as a chance to gain new knowledge and enrich our experiences.

We are flexible, we keep learning and growing which allows us to take on more and more difficult tasks because we know how, we want to and we can!

A universal solution in the field of automation and informatization of systems that would fit every company does not exist.

That’s why we offer tailored solutions which enable a better optimization and modernization of processes which leads to a higher competitive advantage of our partners on the market.


URBANA solutions IoT platform

IoT platform





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