LFS pneumatic riveting tool

High-Quality Product

LFS-PRT-34 pneumatic riveting tool is designed for application of plastic rivets. It is a unique tool on the market specially developed to enable easier & faster riveting in combination with ergonomy and durability.

Ergonomy and Design

LFS-PRT-34 is distinguished by simple design and sophisticated ergonomy, which allows easy setup and use in demanding condition of series production for right and left-handed.

Quick Interchangeable System

LFS-PRT-34 is equipped with two interchangable nozzles designed to enable an easy exchange without using any additional tools directly at the workplace which results in a substantial time saving.

LFS manual riveting tool

Quality Product

LFS-MRT manual riveter is designed for a fast installation of plastic rivets. Quality materials in combination with ergonomy and durability make it a simple but very useful tool.

Ergonomy and Design

LFS-MRT is simple and ergonomic, which allows simple use in production.

Quick System

System LFS-MRT exsist in two options:
LFS-MRT-3 for 3 mm rivets,
LFS-MRT-4 for 4 mm rivets.


LFS rivets

Easy Plastic Rivets Installation

Rivets can be mounted from 1,0 to 4,0 mm thickness in 3 to 4 mm holes. They can be used in a series production due to the new unique design of their mechanism. It enables fixing with minimum force and that allows a reduction of the tool weight while maintaining its high quality and durability.

Why use rivets instead of screws

LinxFixSystem (LFS) Plastic Rivet is a fixing element for fixing PCBs into plates. It ensures a permanent optimum contact pressure, while remaining dimensionally stable, elastic and temperature resistant.
Advantage: Due to the “floating” method of connection, a component fixed in this way can compensate for thermal length variations and offset tolerances. The forces exerted during automatic wiring can also be effectively absorbed.
The electrically insulating connection to the PCB is shock and vibration resistant. There is no need for a torque screwdriver system which has to be calibrated. The LFS Rivet can be installed quickly and securely with the aid of the LFS pneumatic or manual installation tool.
Therefore the LinxFixSystem is regarded as a considerably better alternative to the screw. In order to cover a wide range of applications, we supply 2 fixing elements for package thicknesses of between 1 and 6 mm.

Download LinxFixSystem catalog




 Download LinxFixSystem catalog

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